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The historical and cultural heritage of Volkovysk district

FarmsteadBohvitsev in the village Podorosk

The estate of Bohvitsev in the villagePodorosk is a monument of the manor and park art. It is also known as a manor of Chechotin the village Podorosk. In fact it was originally owned by Chechot inPodorosk. However, in 1854,its owner becameRoman Bohvits (a son of the famous writer, philosopher and lawyer Florian Bohvits), who rebuilt much the manor house and the surrounding area in 1854-1856.As a result, the world has seen a beautiful house in the style of late classicism.

The main facade with a terrace and columns, chiseled forms of the portico, a disproportionately high roof - all this gives lightness and elegance to the rectangular building with two-storey central part with an attic. A beautiful park surrounds the manor house. Initially the park consisted of a ground floor and parts of the landscape, combined with two landscaped walkways. The local species of trees are dominated in the park: birch, maple, linden, acacia and others.

In Soviet timesthere is a school in the manor houses, and later - the office of the farm "Podorosk." Last 10 years the manor Podorosk has been empty.

Till our days survived the manor house, a park, a brick brovary, a fuller foundation, farm buildings and an outbuildings, an entrance gate and part of a brick fence. And the fence has a squat square pillars with amusing conical caps, and the entry gate is made in the form of two mirror-symmetric pylons.

Currently, the manor house, farm buildings, and the park gates are abandoned, but in December 2012  the manorPodorosk ofBohvitsev was auctioned off to a Russian businessman with Belarusian roots at 120 000 $. The ambitious businessman has big plans for the manor: he wants to restore the house and the park around it and open a museum in the estate, the hotel and inn. So we hope soon to see the estate in Podorosk in its original splendor.

Especially the guides of the Grodno region do not sidestep the estate, and often bring tourists to this place. In particular, the manor Podorosk is a part of the tour "gentry manors of the Grodno region."

The manor of Seguin - Bulgarinin village Kraski

Kraskiis a small village of Volkovysk district, Grodno region of Belarus. The main attraction of the villageKraski is the manor house, which was built in 1839, andit was significantly rebuilt and renovated in 1905. The farmstead is an architectural monument of the 19th century. Many outbuildings werepreserved near the homestead. There is a brovary, and a barn, and buildings for the people who worked here. Around the estate the park has beenpreserved. By the way, the village is named after the colors in honor of wildflowers, which the locals call simply "paints", and the name of the village has nothing connected with art paints. Currently the manor is owned by the businessman from Russia, it is under reconstruction, and the access to the house for travelers and tourists is difficult.


Volkovysk Military History Museum named afterBagration

We invite you to visit Volkovysk Museum of Military History, and acquaintwith its expositions.

Three exhibitions of the museum  aredevoted to the  ancient history and Volkovysk in the twentieth century, the history of the War of 1812. Our museum has existed since 1935 and it has an interesting collection of exhibits

In addition, the museum has an exhibition hall where you can see exhibitions and presentations. We appeal to artistic groups and individual creative people with  proposalsof the organization of exhibitions in the halls of our museum.