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Sanatorium "Energetic"

Where the sound of the wind in the pines and the gentle rustle of the waves can be listened,  where clean and fresh air isonly disturbed the cries of birds, among the emerald green forests of Belarus, at the surface of the Volpyanskoyereservoir the Sanatorium "Energetic" is located. You will be met with friendly smiles and we will treat youand your health with tenderness. The main directions of "Energetic" are prevention of diseases of the nervous, the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system. On the territory of “Energetic”there are 8 two-storey dormitories. The balconies of the rooms have great views on the pine forest. There are rooms "de luxe"besides the standard rooms.Sanatorium "Energetic" offers special living in cottages for lovers of privacy and comfort. Enjoy your stay in our resort! We make medical case history for each patient. The treatment of patients in the sanatorium is predominantly natural physical factors (climate, mud) in conjunction with physical therapy, massage, therapeutic feeding and other conditions. In a healthy body healthy mind is! Weoffer games and music and entertainment programs, demonstration of feature films, daily disco. Combined tours are conducted regularly, including acquaintance with the bright historical places. It is comfortable, funand convenient fun with us!

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Volkovysk district, village Kovali



 Sanatorium "Praleska"

        Sanatorium "Praleska" is located in Grodnoregion, Volkovysk district on the shores of the artificial lake Lazurnoye near natural springs. Sanatorium "Praleska" offers excellent conditions for  therest and treatment.

        The sanatorium "Praleska" annually heals more than 3 000 people. Since January,1 2006  we have had the opportunity to take for the recovery all groups of the population, parents with children from 5 years. We employ highly skilled professionals, and our medical center meets all the requirements. Every year thousands of patients were treated in the sanatorium "Praleska" for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, nervous system and respiratory system.

        To accommodate guests the sanatorium has two residential buildings connected by a covered walkway, the total number of rooms is 120there.

        In the sanatorium "Praleska" well- organized four meals, withthe menu of the national cuisine and regular diets №01, №05, №09 and №15are used as a component of successful treatment. Another component of the treatment isdrinking  mineral water, bottled water "Porechenskaya", bottled mineral water isused in hydrotherapy.

        Diagnosis and treatment is carried out in the main building, where the offices of ultrasound diagnostics, computer diagnostics and electrocardiography are situated.The diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardio - vascular, nervous and pulmonary systems are treated here. You can also get a variety of dental services.

Our address and contact information:

VillagePodross  №58, Volkovyskdistrict, Grodnoregion