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Guided tour of the surrounding area of Volkovvysk

 Route number 1 "Colors of the native land" 65 km.

Volkovysk - Izabelin - Podorosk - Paints - Volkovysk


         On this route the grayhistory of Volkovyskcomes to life what the archaeological complex "The Swedish Mount"illustrates,and from which tourists go to a former manor house. During the Russian-French war in1812  the headquarters of the 2nd Western Army under General Bagration is located there. Now there isthe Military History Museum in Volkovysk.  In 1950 a bronze bust of Bagrationby sculptor Zaire Azgurwas set in front of the Museum.

         After acquaintance with the exposition of the museum you move to Izabelinon the road P44, you can see the St. Michael Church, St. Peter and Paul’s Church, a monument of architecture of XVIII century. Podorosk is located15 km from the ancient manor Izabelin. The guidetells you about the life of theownersBokhvitsevof theestate, shows you the planning of the manor, its interior, then you can walk through the wonderful landscape park. After visiting the Church of The Trinity in Podorosk, you should go further along the right bank of the river to the villageKraski, on the western side of which the mansion of Seguin-Bulgarinis situated. There you can see the survived manor house, outbuildings and a small park with a picturesque pond.

 Route №2 "The Spiritual Heritage of Volkovyskland " 60km.

Volkovysk - Gniezno - Shilovichi - Vereyki - Volkovysk

         On this route Catholic and Orthodox architecture of Volkovysk district is presented: St.Vatslav’sChurch, St. Nicholas’ Church in Volkovysk,St. Michael the Archangel Church in Gniezno, and the churches of St. Trinity in Shilovich and of the Holy Virgin MaryChurch in Vereyki. The time of creating these monuments covers nearly four centuries: from the first quarter of the XVI to the beginning of the XX century.

         The Gothic Church inGniezno stands out from all these sacred buildings by its harsh beauty and expressive silhouette, a lot of local legends are connected with the church. In Gniezno, you can view Tarasevich’s estate which issituated in a picturesque place on the banks of the riverNetupa, with a romantic park and a pond, on which a small island is situated.

         Moving on the roadP99 from Gniezno, we find ourselves at a crossroads, which is located not far from the village Shilovichi with monumental St. Trinity Church, which reaches a height of 65 meters! From its tower breathtaking view of the surrounding area is open within a radius of 20 kilometers. Vereyki islocateda 10-minute drive from the village Shilovichi. This routeis completed  here - near the walls of the Church of Holy Virgin Mary, proudly ascended the hill and endearing its classic shape ...


Route №3 "Volkovysk treasury“ 55km.

Volkovysk - Teolin - Ross - Volpa - Volkovysk.


        The excursion starts from the past of Volkovysk, its legends, the exposition of the Military History Museum, the modern portrait ofVolkovysk land  . Its route was traced through the streets of the regional center to the north - with the exit to the road Volkovysk - Ross.

         This is Teolin. The owner of the estate was Stefan Grabowski. Here the palace and park complex of XIX century, named after his wife Theola, is located. The slope of the hill on which the manor is located is handled by four narrow paths and terraces with captivating splendor of the opening landscape panorama with a system of channels in the floodplain of the river Ross. In the landscape of the park, where the manor wassurvived and now restored, the sanatorium "Ross" is situated.

         The township, which lies on the shores of the Ross, a tributary of the Neman, among wooded hills, hasthe same name. His sights were mentioned in our descriptions. The guide will tell about the complex of peripetias in the relationship of owners of Ross - representatives of the most famous families of Lithuania and Rzeczpospolita (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth): Chodkevichi, Oginskiye, Potockiye, Sapieha, Radzivily, Branitskiye ... The strong impression is left by a walk along the well-maintained residential complex "Ross", and by a visit to the Center for Craft, which presents such traditional crafts as the application of straw, basket weaving, woodcarving, weaving, embroidery, knitting, batik, beadwork and others.

         The tour ends in the village Volpe that stands at the confluence of the Neman and the Ross. Such architectural monuments as the Orthodox and the Catholic Church, their rich interior decoration will long be remained in the memory of tourists.

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