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 The Farmstead "Marko’s cottage"

 The Farmstead "Marko’s cottage"will become your favorite place for a country holiday in Belarus. It is ideal for people who want to relax after working days, to breathe fresh airand who are looking for a break from city hustle and bustle.

  Our address and contact information:



The Farmstead ”Selyakhi’

The Farmstead  "Selyahi" is a successful combination of primordial nature and home comfort, a great opportunity to combine the wishes of the romantics and lovers of comfort.

Our address and contact information: villageSelyahi,  Subochsky  village  Soviet? Volkovyskdistrict



The Farmstead "Millers"

Located on the banks of the river Rossthe estate "Millers" is a real place "with a twist." You can go fishing and ride a boat in the early morning. Approaching the manor, the guests will appreciate the fine taste it is designedwith. Our address and contact information:

t. v. Ross, Zarechnaya Street,17

Pereyaslov AlexanderVasilyevich

8-029-5859983 8-1512-37-2-35

The Farmstead "Oshmyantsy"

Are you a typical city dweller whohasstopped noticing the beauty of the worldbecause of urban bustle and turbulent life and has forgotten that this world is made up of particles which are such familiar to us: grass, flowers, streams ...?

It is interesting and useful for you to spend a holiday or a weekend, to escape from everyday life, relax a bit and be closer to nature!

Our address and contact information:

Village Oshmyantsy

+37529 2897296    ZhukDanutaStepanovna

The Farmstead "Vaukayak "

Organizing of floating, kayak hire

Our address and contact information:

37 529 782-46-54

37 533 66-27-527

Sergei Paylak

The Farmstead "Oshmyantsy"

The Rest of the weekend, barbecue, bike routes.

Our address and contact information:

Village Oshmyantsy ,33, Volkovysk district

tel. +375336813220

The Farmstead "Pozharki"

A new Russian sauna with birch firewood for hours and twenty four hours, the satellite TV, microwave oven, a large pavilion, barbecue, all the facilities, a place where you can spend the night, help in the transport guests. The farmstead is 65 km far from Grodno and 15 km far from Volkovysk.

 Our address and contact information:

 Volkovysk District, d. Pozharki

375 33 649 09 11 mts.

375 0 29,787,444 mts.

Arnautova Nina Vitalyevna

The Farmstead "Vishnevichi"

Healthy dream on hives.Breathing ofbeehive air. Health on the wings of the bees!

Our address and contact information:

Volkovysk district,  village Vishnevichi 7

tel. 80298868735